Service based

Open an account and then start to use our services via command line and API. We take care of performance, scalability, availability.

Typical services include content query & manipulation with permission, search, templating, SSO, integration with CRM, and they are growing.

Define your schema

You define your content model in json and deploy to our platform, then the content type, fields can be used immediately, also the new fields will be shown in editorial system automatically.


GraphQL is the base of our API, so that complex query and operation are possible.

Cross platform

Thanks to GraphQL standard, the remote api can be converted to different language API, like PHP, .NET, Java, etc

Command line tool

With our command line tool, you can easily manipulate data model, website, permission.

Charge by service use

Our content backend service is charged by how much service you use, like how many contents, content types, api traffic, assets, dependent service like search, etc.

DM Editor converting service

It converts DM Editor's data from json to html. Useful if you want to deploy DM Editor on platforms like PHP, .NET etc which are not nodejs. Also you can deploy the converting software (which is open source) by yourself.

Q & A

We use Google Cloud. Currently we have location mainly in Finland, but we will add more locations.

Yes. We will open free registration soon. $ Contact us$  if you want to try now.

As a cloud service, it's based on how much service you use, typically based on content records, content types, roles, assets, API traffic, search service etc.